present continuous tense rules with example

Present Continuous (Present Progressive)
Tense This Tense is used to express action that is currently in progress.
to be
+ base + ing
to be + not
+ base + ing
is not (isn't)
to be
+ subject
+ base + ing
For Singular:
=>Sub + is + V1 ing + Obj (Affirmative)
For Ex - She is singing a song
=>Sub + is not + V1 ing + Obj (Negative)
For Ex - She is not singing song
=>Is + Sub + V1 ing+ Obj + “?" (Interrogative)
For x - Is she singing a song?
=>is+ Sub +not+V1 Ing + Obj + "?"(interogative -nagative)
For Ex- Is she not singing a song!
For Plural:
=>Sub + are + V1 ing + Obj. (Affirmative)
For Ex- They are playing cricket
=>Sub + are not + V1 Ing + Obj. (Negative)
For Ex- They are not playing cricket.
=>Are + sub + v1 ing + obj +”?” (interogative)
For ex- are they playing pricket?
=>are + Sub + not + V1 Ing + Obj + “?” (interogative Negative)
For Ex - Are they not playing cricket?
For Ex - I am reading a novel
1. To show a continuous action.
For Ex-
(a) She is playing chess.
(b) They are not driving a car
2 To show those actions which have following words.
For Ex -
(a) Is she still reading?
(b) My mother is reading the Mahabharata now.
3. To denote a change of present stale/situation into another.
For Ex –
(a) Cars are becoming costlier day by day
(b) She is getting more and more complicated
4. To show those events actions that will take place in near future.
For Ex-
(a) I am going on vacations tomorrow.
(b) She is getting married next week
Some presents continuous  sentences:-
1. The children are playing in the field.
2. Why am I wasting my time ?
3. He is teaching in this school now-a-days.
4. The schools are closing next Saturday.
5. We are holding a seminar next month.
6. Sohan is riding a horse.
7. The postman is standing at the gate.
8. My grand-mother is sitting by the fire.
9. Soon you will come to a big house. This house is facing the south.
10. You can't help appreciating the Taj Mahal, it is wearing a white look.
11. You will recognise the building: it is touching the sky.
12.  He is working very hard these days.
13. She is reading the books very regularly these days.
14. She is looking after her children very carefully these days.

1. Birds..... (fly) in the air.
2. The sun ..... (rise) now.
3. I...........(read) a novel.
4. The boys.......... not .......... (play) in the ground.
5. Who .......... you.......... (wait) for ?
6. When.......... you ........... (leave) for Mumbai?
 7.............. it........... (rain) outside ?
 8. ........ you.......... (Visit) my house this week?
9. What .......... Sardar .......... (do) these days ?
10. The players............... (warm) themselves.
11. Radha .............. (prepare) for the annual examination.

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