Rules of past continuous tense with example

Past Indefinite tense
This Tense is used to express an action which was in progress for some time in the past.
Was going
Was/were not+v1ing
Was not going
Subject + v1ing
She going

subject +not+v1ing
She not going
For singular
=> Sub + was + V1 ing + Obj (Affirmative)
For Ex - She was calling me.
=> Sub + was not +V1 ing + Obj.  (Negative)
For Ex - She was not calling me
=> Was + Sub + v1 ing + Obj ? (Interrogative)
For Ex - Was she calling me?
=> Was + Sub + not + V1 ing + Obj + ? (Interrogative Negative)
For Ex - Was she not calling me?
For Plural:
=> Sub + were + V1 ing + Obj. (Affirmative)  
For Ex - They were watching a movie.
=> Sub + were + not +V1 ing + Obj. (Negative)
For Ex - They were not watching a movie.
=> Were + Sub+ V1 ing + Obj + ? (Interrogative)
For Ex - Were they watching a movie?
Were + Sub + not + V1 ing + Obj + ? (Interrogative - Negative)
For Ex - Were they not watching a movie?
Note: I' is used as singular Subject in this Tense.
For Ex - I was writing a letter.
1. This Tense is used when two actions were simultaneously in progress in the past.
For Ex –
(a) While she was preparing lunch, I was taking shower.
(b) While I was reading, my wife was watching T.V.

2. This Tense is also used in combination with Simple past
For Ex –
(a) While I was walking in the fields, I found a mobile phone.
(b) When I was going to school, a dog bit me.

Some  past Continuous  sentences:-
1. When I saw him, he was playing chess.
2. I was writing a letter when he came to my house.
3. Mohan was sleeping when I knocked at his door.
4. We were bathing in the river when it was raining.
5. While I was writing letters, my mother was sleeping.
6. The nurse was eating sweets when the patient was dying.
7. He was always ringing me up.
8. He was continually troubling his parents.
Read the following paragraph carefully and fill in the blank with appropriate form of verb given in bracket :
1. I………………. (read) a novel when my friend came at midnight.
2. I……………….(lie) awake in my bed.
3. As I................ (go) to my school. I met an old friend of mine.
4. He jumped off the train while it…………... (move).
5. I did not see that the teacher ………………. (stand) behind me.
6. I heard that the child .................. (cry).
7. He looked out of the window to see what................(happen) in the street.
8. I saw that two policemen ……………... (chase) a thief.

9. I………………... (have) my lunch when the postman came.

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