Active to Passive Voice rules

The Voice (Active And Passive)
Voice is that form of the verb which tells us whether the subject does something or has something done do it.
For example-
Active- Mohan takes coffee. (Subject does something)
Passive- Coffee is taken by Mohan. (Something is done to a subject)
Rules of changing voice-
(i) The subject is placed in the place of an object and the object is placed on the subject.
(ii) “By” is used with a noun or a pronoun showing doer or agent of some work.
(iii) We can change the voice of only a transitive verb, i.e., a verb with an object. We cannot change the voice of an intransitive verb, i.e., a verb without an object.
Rules for changing The Verb

Change of voice into passive voice:-
Present indefinite tense:
=> I drink an apple juice. (Active)
     An apple juice is drunk by me. (Passive)
=> He sells watches. (Active)
      Watches are sold by him. (Passive)
=> he does not tell a lie. (Active)
     A lie is not told by him. (Passive)
=> Do they buy new books? (Active)
     Are new books brought by them? (Passive)
=> Who teaches you science? (Active)
     By whom are you taught science? (Passive)
Present Continuous Tense:
=> You are writing a letter. (Active)
     A letter is being written by you. (Passive)
=> She is not plucking flowers. (Active)
     Flowers are not being plucked by her. (passive)
=> She is driving a car. (Active)
     A car is being driven by her. (Passive)
=> Are you eating apple? (Active)
     Are apple being eaten by you? (Passive)
=> Is he helping you? (Active)
     Are you being helped by him? (Passive)
Present Perfect Tense:
=> I have written a latter. (Active)
     A latter has been written by me. (Passive)
=> He has posted the latter. (Active)
     The latter has been posted by him. (Passive)
=> We have played the game. (Active)
     The game has been played by us. (Passive)
=> They have finished the work. (Active)
     The work has been finished by them. (Passive)
=> I have bought two pens. (Active)
     Two pens have been brought by me. (Passive)      
Past indefinite tense:
=> He wrote a letter. (Active)
     A letter was written by him. (passive)
=> I helped ram. (Active)
     Ram was helped by me. (Passive)
=> She lost her purse yesterday. (Active)
     Her purse was lost yesterday by her. (Passive)
=> You did not take tea. (Active)
     Tea was not taken by you. (Passive)
=> Did the police catch the thief? (Active)
     Was the thief caught by the police? (Passive)
Past Continuous tense:
=> He was answering the questions. (Active)
     The questions were being answered by him. (Passive)
=> I was obeying my parents. (Active)
     My parents were being obeyed by me. (Passive)
=> She was cleaning the room. (Active)
     The room was being cleaned by her. (Passive)
=> She was offering prayers. (Active)
     Prayers were being offered by her. (Passive)
=> What were you doing? (Active)
     What was being done by you? (Passive)
Past Perfect tense:
=> I had taken food. (Active)
     Food had been taken by me. (Passive)
=> He had done his duty. (Active)
     His duty had been done by him. (Passive)
=> We had lost the match. (Active)
     The match had been lost by us. (Passive)
=> Had he broken your pen? (Active)
     Had your pen been broken by him? (Passive)
=> Had he not taken medicine? (Active)
     Had medicine not been taken by him? (Passive)
Future indefinite tense:
=> We will Play the match. (Active)
     The match will be played by us. (Passive)
=> She will sing a song. (Active)
     A song will be sung by her. (Passive)
=> The police will catch the thief. (Active)
     The thief will be caught by the police. (Passive)
=> I will take tea. (Active)
     Tea will be taken by me. (Passive)
=> He will fly a kite. (Active)
     A kite will be flown by him. (Passive)
Future Perfect tense:
=> He will have written a letter. (Active)
     A letter will have been written by him. (Passive)
=> She will have cooked food. (Active)
     Food will have been cooked by her. (Passive)
=> I will have finished the work. (Active)
     The work will have been finished by me. (Passive)
=> He will have helped me. (Active)
     I will have been helped by him. (Passive)
=> You will have posted the latter. (Active)
     The latter will have been posted by you. (Passive)
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